Why Smart Plug-in for Citrix
  • Identifies hardware issues (temperature fluctuations, power supply, fan failures)
  • Pinpoints SSL related problems, including certificate expiration
  • Checks Access Gateway availability and load
  • Tracks global system performance (CPU, memory, disk, and network use)
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Administrators benefit from detailed and integrated operations overview across Citrix NetScaler functions, enabling effective business service management delivery.

NetScaler SPI

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AUTOMATE & ACCELERATE with SPI for Citrix NetScaler

Comtrade Smart Plug-in for Citrix NetScaler is an availability and performance management solution that extends end-to-end service monitoring capabilities by fully integrating services tree, health and performance data into the HP Operations Manager console.

What does it do?

  • Provides operations overview across the entire Citrix NetScaler estate and enables delivery of effective business service management.
  • Offers complete graphical representation of Citrix environment and its hierarchical organization, which clearly indicates relations between Citrix NetScaler environment components, how they impact one another, and which business services are affected.
  • Automates routine administration to improve service levels, increase efficiencies and achieve greater control of the IT environment.
  • Monitors the NetScaler Hardware, OS, Network, SSL, Protocol issues,  Access Gateway and Notification of Configuration changes.