Why Smart Plug-in for Citrix to monitor XenDesktop?
  • Checks connectivity to Hypervisor, Database, and to other Delivery Controllers
  • Detects failed desktop registrations, lack of idle desktops, desktop group utilization, etc
  • Enables quick high level overview of performance and state
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Our monitoring solution reduces unplanned outages and operational cost by leveraging people, processes, and tools in place.

XenDesktop SPI

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By integrating Citrix infrastructure topology, health, and performance information with the HP Operations Manager management platform, SPI for Citrix enables IT departments to maintain high service levels and to ensure top-notch end-user experience.

Delivering virtual desktops requires complex interactions between several distributed XenDesktop components, including Provisioning Servers (PVS), Desktop Delivery Controllers (DDCs), virtual hosting infrastructure like XenServer or Hyper-V, XenApp infrastructure, as well as Web Interface/StoreFront and License Servers. SPI for Citrix is designed to ensure flawless operation of the start-up, authentication, connection, and personalization phase of the desktop delivery process and supports all types of Citrix XenDesktop deployments.

 Key Benefits

  •  Desktop and application availability: synthetic desktop and application launch checks, quickly reveal issues with their delivery from the end-user’s perspective and form the basis of application and desktop delivery service-level reports
  • Complete infrastructure health view: XenDesktop infrastructure availability (PVSs and DDCs) is confirmed through rigorous connectivity probing and active service checks; XenServer hosts that are not coping with desktop load and large amounts of resources consumption can be quickly identified, and XenApp controllers that fail to deliver hosted or streamed applications to desktops are easily isolated
  • Deep infrastructure monitoring to identify high traffic/user load, availability,High desktop group use, low idle pool and failed registrations give the operations staff and Citrix administrator early warning of issues
  • Monitoring of server side end-user experience by monitoring for slow or failed logons, poor responsiveness, issues with network connections
  • Agent-less monitoring: with XenServer hosting infrastructure, user desktops can be monitored without any agent software installed on hosts or desktops, ensuring ease of deployment, stability, and no impact when extending or upgrading XenServer infrastructure