Why Management Pack for Nutanix?
  • Monitors Nutanix Enterprise Clouds’ availability, hardware, storage, virtual machines and data protection
  • Automatically detects Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL applications running on Nutanix Enterprise Clouds, groups related virtual machines and displays their roles
  • Provides reports about Nutanix hardware resources, capacity sizing and right sizing of VMs
  • Instantly alerts and provides information of top processes running on VM by resource consumption in case of high VM resource utilization
  • Provides and displays correlation of collected performance information from Citrix MPs and Comtrade Nutanix MP in intuitive Citrix-Nutanix SuperPack dashboards
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“The Management Pack opens new capabilities to identify workloads dynamically across Nutanix clusters and correlate this data with other management packs and dashboards. It can identify if there is Citrix running within the VMs and present the information in dashboards.”

Stefan Roth, Microsoft MVP for System Center Cloud
and Datacenter Management


Nutanix MP

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Comtrade’s Management Pack for Nutanix enables IT teams to monitor Nutanix Enterprise Clouds with Microsoft Systems Center Operations Manager (SCOM). It provides an extensive set of features needed by IT for health, availability, infrastructure, reporting and application performance monitoring:

  • Discover, visualize and monitor Nutanix clusters, blocks, hosts, disks, protection domains, remote sites, virtual machines, storage pools and containers
    At the diagram views, IT admins can get a visualization of Nutanix component’s health state and correlations, at dashboards, they can get summarized information about health and performance of Nutanix components. Plus, on various performance charts they can get information about performances and by looking at table of alerts they can receive a list of all active alerts, etc.
  • In case of VM CPU or Memory high utilization alert it lists top processes by CPU or Memory usage on a VM instantly and displays it in the alert description
    Having this information, IT admins immediately know what has caused high resource consumption at the time of the alert and can pinpoint to the process causing it. This helps them identify whether there is an unwanted software on a VM causing this high resource consumption; or, whether if it is a consequence of a bigger load for workloads (applications) running on it and needs more resources assigned to the VM.
  • Provides the following reports:
    • Nutanix Enterprise Clouds infrastructure report
      This report provides IT admins summarized information about Nutanix Clusters resource utilization and capacity, plus, a list of available Nutanix hardware that is used in these clusters, along with its configuration, capacity etc.
    • Nutanix VM Right Sizing Report
      With this report IT admins can identify oversized or undersized VMs regarding CPU or memory and work according to information about their recommended resource sizing. Knowing oversized VMs and their sizing recommendation, helps freeing some of their resources for other VMs.
    • Nutanix Storage VM Density report
      By using this report, IT admins can determine whether they need to add more SSD drives to the Storage Pools to maintain low I/O latency; identify unused containers that can be deleted, containers that host majority of VMs and much more.
    • Nutanix Enterprise Cloud infrastructure Capacity Planning Report
      With this report IT admins can plan Nutanix Clusters capacity sizing regarding CPU, Memory and Storage. It provides historic data about utilization of Nutanix resources and provides information if and when they will run out, which enables resource planning at the right time.
  • Quickly identify all Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop, Microsoft Excahnge and Microsoft SQL environments running on the Nutanix clusters
    By looking at Overview Applications dashboard, which automatically identifies and lists all Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL environments, IT admins can see business critical workloads running on Nutanix Enterprise Clouds, see the VMs that host individual workloads, get information about the role they have in this workload and get them sorted by top resource consumption, which helps identifying VM resource bottlenecks that will affect applciations QoS.
  • Correlate performance information from Citrix MPs and Nutanix MP to identify potential resource bottlenecks in Citrix deliver stack in advance
    With Nutanix-Citrix SuperPack, IT admin can see the entire Citrix delivery stack from Citrix metrics on application layer, collected by Citrix MP and Nutanix metrics on infrastructure layer for identified use cases, which helps pinpointing potential bottlenecks in entire Citrix delivery stack, that would otherwise be difficult to identify manually.
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