Why Management Pack for Oracle Siebel?
  • Monitors health of the entire technology stack - from infrastructure and application servers to key Siebel components
  • Provides transparent insight into key business processes that Siebel supports for application stakeholders
  • Proactively detects and eliminates potential problems and bottlenecks
  • Efficiently prevents system downtimes through on-time detection
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Siebel MP allows you to perform proactive monitoring, rapid problem solving, and business oriented service management of your systems. It can help you improve bottom-line performance, reduce operating costs, and ensure superior customer satisfaction.

Siebel MP

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Siebel Management Pack empowers you to automate monitoring of your environment, define application management monitors and rules that allow for automated corrective actions, identify root cause for multiple failures, thus efficiently preventing system downtimes and enabling you to manage system problems before getting to the point where business decisions are affected.

Since comprehensive management and monitoring are critical to maintaining systems performance, Siebel Management Pack is designed to maximize CRM user acceptance and ensure positive user experience:

  • monitors and improves the response time of Siebel components, and ensures that the entire technology stack is healthy
  • provides seamless integrations with single, common console and increases your investment in Microsoft System Center Operations Manager
  • identifies and reacts to Siebel sub-tasks that are not performing as expected and correlates the performance against thresholds and service level agreements
  • coordinates data with all levels of the application and external network infrastructure to quickly find the root cause
  • graphically displays performance data to identify non-typical situations and to proactively identify future performance trends
  • continuously monitors with configurable monitors and rules that can automatically implement corrective actions and/or notify IT and Siebel professionals immediately
  • improves staff efficiency and user acceptance with a best practice knowledge base that directs less experienced users to possible remedies without immediately escalating to Siebel experts
  • SARM diagnostic tasks pinpoint performance and availability issues of Siebel end-users, makes them accessible for proactive trend analysis, and helps anticipate and prevent degradations