Why Smart Plug-in for
Oracle Siebel?
  • Monitors health of the entire technology stack - from infrastructure and application servers to key Siebel components
  • Provides transparent insight into key business processes that Siebel supports for application stakeholders
  • Proactively detects and eliminates potential problems and bottlenecks
  • Efficiently prevents system downtimes through on-time detection
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Improves overall availability, reliability, and performance of BI and CRM environments, allowing you to fully leverage the advantages of real time decision making.

Siebel SPI

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Comtrade Smart Plug-in for Oracle Siebel CRM/BI (SPI for Siebel) extends HP Software to provide an end-to-end service management perspective of your Oracle Siebel CRM and Business Intelligence (BI) environments. SPI for Siebel ensures that end-user experiences are, and remain, positive by providing an integrated, holistic view of all key Siebel service chain components. Through the SPI for Siebel, you can proactively monitor the health of the entire technology stack – from infrastructure and application servers to key Siebel CRM and Oracle BI components – helping you meet your service level agreements. SPI for Siebel leverages your investment in HP Software to maximize the value of your investment in Oracle Siebel CRM and Oracle BI.

Proactively Neutralize Hidden or Potential Problems

  • Maximizing CRM user acceptance by providing a positive end-user experience.
  • Monitoring the response time of Siebel components to ensure the health of the entire technology stack.
  • Leveraging investment in enterprise systems management, ITIL, and HP software.
  • Identifying and reacting to Siebel sub-tasks that are not performing as expected and correlating that performance against thresholds and service-level agreements.
  • Identifying non-typical situations and future performance trends with visualized performance data.
  • Lights out management via configurable policies and tools that implement automatic/operator initiated actions and/or notify IT and Siebel professionals when problem occurs.
  • With SARM diagnostic tools the data is available for proactive trend analysis, helping anticipate and prevent degradations.