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Are Traditional Backup Solutions right for Hyperconverged Infrastructure?

What is stopping you from getting
the most out of your investment?

Hyperconverged Data Protection Needs a Paradigm Shift

Companies embark on the hyperconverged infrastructure (HCIS) journey because they want to trade silos and management complexity for
much-needed data center simplicity.

But, when it comes to protecting the data residing in HCIS, they resort to traditional backup solutions that have been retrofitted for this next-gen environment.

This has significant consequences. It lays waste to all the potential benefits of hyperconverged infrastructure and radically dilutes the value of your investment.

The thinking around data protection for HCIS is in dire need of a paradigm shift

These challenges must be addressed:

Treating HCIS like traditional infrastructure

Hyperconverged infrastructure are intelligent systems that have extremely efficient snapshots, clones, replications, deduplication and compression. This intelligence is one of the major reasons you invested in HCIS. But traditional data protection solutions treat HCIS like standard dumb disks. To truly capitalize on your investment, you need to leverage HCIS’ capabilities.

Acting like VMs are black boxes

Today’s solutions are maniacally focused on VMs, without any regard to applications. Those VMs are treated as black boxes. There’s no way to know which applications are running on which VMs. Customers are given the wrong perception that generic VM-level snapshots are always enough. The truth is, they don’t work for all applications, and often, you don’t find out your backup fell short until recovery time. Oops!

Carrying over the legacy complexity

Hyperconverged’s core value prop is its simplicity. But when you use today’s complex data protection systems, you can’t realize its full potential. HCIS solutions can be deployed in 30 minutes, yet most current data protection solutions require multi-day professional services to deploy them. The lack of native integration between most data protection products and hyperconverged environments makes it much more difficult for administrators to rapidly get up-to-speed and become instantly productive.

Making data protection an afterthought

Data protection is an integral part of data lifecycle. HCIS integrates a significant part of that lifecycle, like end-to-end provisioning, elimination of SAN management, enabling network setup and integration with VM infrastructure in a few simple clicks. But with today’s solutions, data protection is a standalone island. Customers have to remember to provision in one place, remember the configuration and then go to another place to protect the data. Problems arise when people forget or there are process breakdowns. By the time you find out what is not backed, it’s too late. The ideal data protection solution should tightly integrate with the HCIS systems and create a closed-loop process.

A New Approach

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