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Purpose-built backup and
recovery for Nutanix

Ready-to-roll intelligent application data
protection, raises the simplicity bar

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Your Hyperconverged Infrastructure Deserves 360° Simplicity

Too many companies eliminate the simplicity of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCIS) by protecting it with legacy,
bolt-on backup and recovery products. Comtrade HYCU makes sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Improve on the Promise

Comtrade Software HYCU is the only purpose-built application and data protection solution for Nutanix. Not only does it
preserve HCIS simplicity with native integration and a hypervisor-agnostic architecture that includes AHV, but it also makes
fully reliable backup and recovery a sure thing.

Make Business Sense

HYCU takes the risk out of HCIS backup and recovery, and puts your business in a position of strength.

Leverage Nutanix’s intelligent snapshots for rapid recovery and storage dense nodes for storing backups. Let employees use the hypervisors you have and the skills they know to manage robust data protection. And watch your CapEx and OpEx go down as your ROI soars.
Your IT team and application owners get more done, easier, faster and better. So business users aren’t interrupted by incomplete recoveries – keeping productivity high.
Creating, applying, enforcing and delivering service level objectives has never been easier. Do it with confidence.

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Wish your backup infrastructure was as simple as your Nutanix?

Wish your backup infrastructure was as simple as your Nutanix?

Speaker: Subbiah Sundaram, VP Products, Comtrade Software & Mark Nijmeijer, Director of Product Management

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