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Simplify F5 BIG-IQ Monitoring with SCOM

Comtrade’s Free Management Pack Makes
BIG-IQ Monitoring a Snap

Monitoring doesn’t have to be complicated.

When you use different tools to track all your resources, it can quickly get out of hand. We help you rein it in with Management Pack for
F5 BIG-IQ available only through Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM).

Keep Running

Comtrade SCOM MP makes sure F5 BIG-IQ doesn’t go down, so you can keep F5 BIG-IP devices up.
Just simply use SCOM to monitor BIG-IQ health and performance.

Bring BIG-IQ into Focus

No logins to BIG-IQ is required to make sure your key F5 management solutions is up and running. With Comtrade SCOM MP for F5 your operations team can track availability of F5 BIG-IQ and collect information about recurring issues and resources usage. F5 MP alerts with built-in knowledge in form of links to F5 Knowledge base to help pinpoint root cause and reduce resolution time.
How many devices you have and are they all managed by the F5 BIG-IQ? What happens when a new device is added? Comtrade MP for F5 is working together with Comtrade SCOM MP for F5 BIG-IP to help identify all the F5 BIG-IP devices in your environment and check if they are managed with F5 BIG-IQ. Any changes to the configuration are recorded and available in the form of the report.
With Comtrade SCOM MP for F5 you can review versions and build numbers of all the managed F5 BIG-IP devices and share this information with security team for successful threats mitigation and secured environment.

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